Wine Themed "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Gift Bag

Being that I'm a major craft-a-holic, one of the things I most looked forward to from the time Colton and I got engaged was getting to do lots of fun DIY's for our wedding. The first item on my crafty checklist was creating some sort of "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" gift. After perusing Etsy for hours, I found these amazing custom wine labels and decided to do a wine themed gift bag. I should also mention that all of the shops that I purchased the bridesmaid items from also had maid of honor items available. My junior bridesmaid is not of drinking age, so I swapped out the bottle of wine for sparkling cider, decorated a clear plastic tumbler (found here) the same way I decorated the wine glass, and made her a few bracelets instead of wine charms. Check out the rest of the post for where you can purchase the materials and detailed instructions!

Materials Needed
Custom Wine Bottle:1 bottle of wine (found at Bevmo) // 1 box of baking soda (found at grocery store) // 1 custom wine bottle label (found here)

Wine Charms in Gift Box: 5 wine charm rings (found here) // 5 jump rings, 6mm (found at Michaels) // 1 pair of beading bent nose pliers (found at Michaels) // 4 flower charms (found here) // 1 bridesmaid charm (found here) // 1 square tin box, 2"x2" (found here) // 20 round silver beads, 4mm (found at Michaels) // 20 round clear rhinestone beads, 4mm (found at Michaels) // 1 sheet of stick-on clear rhinestones (found at Michaels) // 1 sheet of stick-on pink rhinestones (found at Michaels) // 1 pack of alphabet stickers (found at Michaels) // 1 pack of iridescent foil tissue paper (found at Michaels)

Custom Monogram Wine Glass: 1 wine glass (found at Ross) // 1 custom vinyl monogram for wine glass (found here) // 1 pack of 7mm clear rhinestones (found at Michaels) // 1 pack of 4.5mm colored rhinestones (found at Michaels) // 1 tube of E6000 glue (found at Michaels) // 1 wax tip jewel setter (found at Michaels)

Custom "Will You Be My Bridesmad?" Card: 1 custom bridesmaid card (found here) // 1 metallic silver Sharpie pen (found at Michaels) // 1 roll of washi tape (found here

"Will You?…" Gift Bag: 2 feet of silver ribbon (found at Michaels) // 1 gift bag (found at Hobby Lobby) // 1 pack of silver foil tissue paper (found at Michaels) // 1 pack of iridescent foil tissue paper (found at Michaels) // 1 pack of engagement ring stickers (found at Michaels) // 1 sheet of stick-on clear rhinestones (found at Michaels) // 1 pack of alphabet stickers (found at Michaels) // 1 tube of E6000 glue (found at Michaels)

*Sidenote: You will only need 1 tube of E6000 glue, 1 sheet of stick-on clear rhinestones, 1 pack of iridescent foil tissue paper, and 1 pack of alphabet stickers total. I divided up the materials needed by the different items in the bag in case you want to pick and choose which items you want to use in your gift bag. 
Custom Wine Bottle
1. These are the items needed to make the custom wine bottle.
2. Soak the bottle of wine in a sink filled with room temperature water. 
3. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda for every 1/2 cup water in the sink. Let the wine bottle soak for a few hours and the previous label will peel right off.
4. Once you've thoroughly dried the bottle, place the custom wine label on the wine bottle. 
5. The finished product.
Wine Charms in Gift Box
1. These are the items needed to make the wine charms.
2. Use the pliers to open up the jump rings and place one on each of the five charms. 
3. Put one clear rhinestone bead, followed by one silver rhinestone bead on the wine charm ring and repeat the process. Add the flower charm and repeat the clear and silver bead pattern. 
4. Use the alphabet sticker sheet to stick the first letter of the bridesmaid's first name on the center of the tin box. Use the sheets of clear and pink stick-on rhinestones to surround the letter. 
5. Cut off a small piece of the iridescent foil tissue paper and place it in the bottom of the tin box and put the charms inside. 
6. The finished product.
Custom Monogram Wine Glass
1. These are the items needed to make the monogrammed wineglass. 
2. Stick the vinyl monogram on the freshly cleaned wine glass. Press it evenly against the glass, then carefully and slowly remove the backing off the monogram.
3. Use the wax tip setter to pick up a rhinestone and dip it into the E6000 glue, you'll only need a dab of it.  
4. Place the clear and pink rhinestones evenly around the wine glass. I didn't have any set pattern, just put them randomly where I thought they looked best.
5. The finished product.

Custom "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" Card
1. These are the items needed for the personalized "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" card.
2. I feel a little silly providing a step for this, but I signed my name in the metallic Sharpie to add a bit more personalization to the card. 
3. Seal the card with washi tape for a nice finishing touch.

"Will You…?" Gift Bag
1. These are the items needed to make the gift bag.
2. I used the alphabet stickers to spell out "Will You…?" and dabbed a bit of the E6000 glue on the back of each letter to ensure it stayed on the bag.
3. I decorated with the clear stick-on rhinestones and engagement ring stickers around the "Will You…?" I used the E6000 glue for this step as well.
4. The finished product. 

Whew! That just about wraps up the longest blog post in the history of the world! I know it seems like a lot of information for one gift bag, but I wanted to make it as detailed (and easy) as possible :) 

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