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Good Morning and Happy Friday! I’ve been in South Dakota since Wednesday enjoying a few days of much needed rest & relaxation with my bestie (Ellen) before my bridal shower tonight. My mom and grandma are arriving in Rapid City this morning and I’m so excited for the rest of our weekend here and all of the fun things we have planned.

The cooler weather here has me so ready for Fall and all that it entails *cough* wedding *cough.* Another part of Fall that I love is shopping for new clothes. After a few months of 110+ degree weather I start to seriously wish I could wear something other than shorts and a tank top. Miss Me has me especially excited to start on my Fall shopping. Check out this video to see what I mean:

I’ve always been a fan of Miss Me‘s jeans but watching this video makes me realize how amazing all of their other clothing items are as well. I am absolutely obsessed with the outfit the girl in the car is wearing and am looking forward to getting it to wear this Fall. 

Another thing I love about Miss Me is their manifesto:
“I am unique. Strong. Always looking forward, never back. Not willing to sit back and watch things pass, but motivated to go out and make it better. I am not a follower, a mere resident of the world; I am a girl who will go out and change it. I know I can do anything. I’ll keep on shining, no matter what.”

This is exactly how I felt after graduating from college in December. Since then, I’ve felt so motivated to follow my dreams and not let the world pass me by. I look forward to where life takes me and know that no matter how many curveballs I face, I’ll always “Keep on Shining.”

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  1. July 23, 2014 / 11:42 pm

    YAY, I am from South Dakota! I hope you are having a good time…it has been hot here lately!!

    xo, Taylor

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