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This past weekend I took a trip to my aunt’s house with my sister and cousin for a girls weekend in LA. On Friday, we went to the Katy Perry concert and had such a great time. She really knows how to put on a show! By the time Saturday night rolled around, my throat started to hurt and I couldn’t tell if it was related to all of the screaming I did at the concert or if I was getting sick. Sunday morning confirmed that I was sick. Since then, I’ve been pretty much going stir-crazy laying in bed trying to get rid of this thing. It’s funny because there are so many times throughout the week where I wish I could just lay down and take a nap but when the time comes to do just that, all I want to do is be going about my normal routine. Anyone else feel this way?! Even though this is just a little sore throat and head cold that will go away in a few days, it’s made me realize that I should never take my health for granted. Oh, and I’m really loving buffalo check prints right now. Back to bed, I go!

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